Dallas Bicycle Cafe seeking buyer

Dallas Bicycle Cafe owner Armando Guerrero would like to sell Dallas Bicycle Cafe and chose the best way, the only way, to announce it: on Facebook.

“DALLAS BICYCLE CAFE IS FOR SALE , if interested email to Armando@dallasbicyclecafe.com, or aguer75@aol.com” is the update posted on the restaurant’s Facebook page.

Hnh, the place has only been open since February; seems like a rather quick sale, no? Located off White Rock Lake and boasting a sassy bicycle-themed decor, the cafe has carved out a niche for itself as a pit-stop for peddlers en route to or from lakeside workouts. It even has lockers and storage bins for bikes.

An employee at the restaurant blamed the sale on a “family emergency,” saying that Guerrero had to move back to Mexico.  On Facebook, commenters speculated that the sale might be due to the cafe’s lack of liquor license or the ongoing construction on Northwest Highway. But Dallas Bicycle Cafe scuttled all that with a comment saying, “Yep, got a better business oportunity [sic],” and that the cafe would stay open while a buyer was sought.


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